Participants’ responses to Aquatic Therapy for SLPs Course

November 27, 2007

"A blessed initiative. You can see the difference in the child and how much you can derive from him. The integration was well presented.

"Very successful, very comprehensive. Very interesting to watch. It managed to show the procedure for therapy and how to achieve the different goals. The explanations were very relevant. The demonstrations were excellent and very educating. It was important to understand that small goals build up progression."
—Jerusalem, Israel, Alyn Waldenberg Family Hospital


January 18-20, 2002

“Exceeded my expectations. Treatment techniques learned (are) very effective—immediate clinical results observed during demos… Yes, I will combine with NDT+SI techniques with WATSU…relevant for 90% of my pediatric private practice of neurologically invlolved children...Fabulous therapeutic approach for our field.”
—SLP with 29 years experience who has taught basic NDT approaches in Speech Therapy

“Absolutely wonderful weekend! I feel comfortable with WATSU Principles and beginning techniques…to try using water therapy with…cp clients.”
—SLP/18 years

“The demos (video & live) were invaluable in meeting the goals…emphasis on application was ideal…I love that we started Friday PM... (for water experience that allowed for) invaluable overnight processing…”
—SLP/30.5 years w/ NDT background

“Susan and Jerry did an outstanding job of making skeptics like me open to learning. Thank you to the instructors for being so flexible…”
—SLP/13 years

“Great workshop; more than expected.”
—SLP/13 years


July19-21, 2002

“The workshop exceeded my expectations as learning occurred as so many links with cognition, physical well-being, new ideas, innovations, etc…Aquatic therapy (is) a valuable and “natural” addition to (speech) therapy. Quite a team!”
—SLP with 25 years experience

“YES! This workshop met my expectations—explained the rationale, methods and techniques—We actually got to see the outcomes!!! … Susan and Jerry are great!”
—SLP with 10 years experience

“Yes, (this workshop) really helped in helping…SLPs …(to) prepare the client’s body to …(receive) speech therapy. Please…come to our…area to do aquatic therapy on..our kids…”
—SLP with 12 years experience