In Memorium To
Jerry Charles McCue

Thank you, Jerry McCue, for supporting me in developing Aquatic Therapy for Speech-Language Pathologists

With your encouragement, support and great teaching in the use of Watsu for those clients who have difficulty using easy breathing for oral speech, we seemed to have developed a fine approach to reaching the population I treat using the wonderful, calming, healing aquatic setting.

I will always thank you for taking me under your wing as the assistant in an aquatic therapy class. You knew I needed extra help to keep up with the class in learning the basics. When I shared with you my intent to teach to my colleagues so clients with speech and language therapy needs would also be able to benefit from healing waters, you supported, encouraged and joined me in this project.

I enjoyed every moment of our partnership during our early growing together to figure out how to blend our two professions for the benefit of clients needing speech and language therapy. It was a wonderful ride! Thank you for helping set my sails. Every course I prepare to teach refers to our beginning. I have been blessed with your friendship and professional support.

Many Blessings.

Much Love,